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New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

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mostly nature


mostly nature

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Latina Woman Working Four Part-Time Jobs Dies in Car While Trying to Nap





I added the Latina part. I know Maria Fernandes struggle. it is my struggle. it’s probably some of yours too. remember this when folks say working poor don’t work hard enough and that’s why we are poor. 

May she rest in peace and power…

Rest in Peace My lady

working poor- this is insane

i have to find the article to see if she died from exposure to anything in the car, but having to rest in your car in between jobs is a sign of overwork. this is not the cat nap i have seen people take in their cars in office parks in nj. this is some serious shit.

god grant her peace and rest.

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PNW by (beneathroots)

PNW by (beneathroots)

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"I know that the middle class of this country is collapsing. I know the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is growing wider. I know there is profound anger at the greed on Wall Street and corporate America, anger at the political establishment, anger at the media establishment. The American people want real change."

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